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By Lucy Harvey


These incredible photos capture a hungry shark hunt its prey.

The sandbar shark is seen surround thousands of fish off the coast of Waikiki, Hawaii.

Leighton Lum, 32 and who took the pictures with a drone, said sharks have been seen regularly in the bay during the past few months, largely because the water has become cleaner.

The wildlife photographer, who lives in Hawaii, said: “The pandemic has had a positive affect on the oceans; making the water cleaner and clearer and bringing wildlife back into areas that were heavily saturated with human presence.

“These are all sandbar sharks; they are usually a pelagic species not usually spotted in Waikiki, let alone three-foot of water.

“I believe the opportunity to feed undisturbed by people was too great to pass up. Over the course of a month, there has been about six to eight different sharks frequenting the area.

“This occurred right in the shallows in Waikiki. A beach that is normally crowded with tourists and swimmers.

“Since the pandemic, tourism in Hawaii came to a halt and during the state wide lockdowns, beaches were empty.

“This allowed animals to slowly reclaim areas that were previously occupied by humans.”