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By William Lailey


A cheeky robin has formed an unbreakable bond with his human buddy who has been visiting him for over a year.

Tony Putman, 38, from Crowborough, East Sussex, spotted the cheeky bird while on a gardening job and gradually started trying to feed him.

After a couple of weeks, the bird, named Bob, started posing for photographs and now lands anywhere Tony asks.

The inseparable pair nearly lost touch when Bob flew away earlier this year, but he returned a couple of months later and has been with Tony ever since.

Tony, said: “I started dropping worms near me for Bob to come and fetch, and over a short space of time he learned I’m not a threat.

“Now that he’s super comfortable with me he’ll follow me around and every time I pull up in my truck he flies over and lands on the gate to greet me.

“I expected him to fly off in spring because they usually do when they have raised their young, but I never expected him to him come back.

“It was like an old friend coming to say hello, which in times like this really helps with morale.

“He’ll do most things I try now, I can hand feed him, he’ll land on me when I call him and he’s quite happy to stay still for pictures.

“I started posting images online and got really good feedback, people seem to love watching him and I really enjoy letting them know.

“I knew as soon as he arrives that it was him, it was like he had never been away.

“We have done tests as well where friends of mine in the garden will try to call him over or feed him and he won’t listen, but when I do it he flies over to me.”

The unlikely friends have been with each other for over a year now, but Tony expects Bob to fly off in Spring.

But, now that Bob has come back once, Tony hopes he’ll pop back later in the year, just like he did this year.

Tony, a gardener and photographer, said: “Obviously I wont know if he’s coming back until later in the year but I think he will, he knows I’m a source of food.

“Hopefully he’ll keep coming back and we can continue taking pictures together.”

Impressively, Tony can even signal Bob to fly over by placing a worm on his hand, and when Bob does fly over he stays long enough for Tony to snap pictures.

Tony, said: “Bob is really used to the camera now, he took to it near instantly.

“If he flies off and doesn’t come back at least we have got some great pictures together and it’s helping people who like to keep updated with him throughout the winter.”

“I hope Bob never leaves and I can continue to share his photos and story with his followers.”

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