Animals Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto


A flock of hungry seagulls was filmed pecking a car’s front window in an attempt to get a chip on the other side of it.


Georgina Grey, from Wellington, New Zealand, was eating fish and chips in her car with her boyfriend on October 4, when some seagulls flew on top of the vehicle’s bonnet.


Georgina threw a chip against the front window and suddenly a flock of seagulls flew on top of the car and began pecking the glass, trying to get the food.


The hilarious video went viral online with over 600,000 views.


Georgina said: “Me and my boyfriend were having fish and chips at the beach when the seagulls started to swarm even though we were sitting in the car.


“So we decided to play a wee prank on them.


“They got all the leftovers once we were done.”