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Battling long term illness, George Flatt was separated from his wife, 86-year-old Beatrice Flatt, of 65 years due to the visiting restrictions put in place because of the pandemic.


George, 86, was in hospital for two months in Basingstoke but was released and reunited with his beloved partner on the 13th August.


The two were brought together after the longest period apart in their 65 year marriage.


Both were pictured by grand-daughter, Christine Shale, with masks on but emotions were pouring out as they embraced for a hug.


George went to pull down his mask for a kiss but a voice interjects saying that kissing is not allowed, to which George comically replies ‘Shut up!’


Christine said: “My grandparents George and Beatrice have been together 65 years, George has been in hospital for a few months with Beatrice unable to visit due to Covid-19.


“She has been struggling without George by her side.


“George has been long term ill with numerous things but a lot of chest infections currently.


“You can tell there is pure love between them.”