Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto


An adorable horse who spends most of his time indoors has been filmed lounging around the house and playing with his dog friends.


Freckle Butt Fred, two, is a Pintaloosa mini-horse who spends the majority of his time inside the house with owner Ronica Froese, 39, her son Dylan, 12 and dogs Jackson, 13, Thunder, six, Duke, one, and Lucas, one.


Just like any other household pet, Fred likes lounging around the house, playing with his canine friends and even using the litter box.


Thanks to his unusual habits which are much more like those of a dog than of a horse, Fred’s antics have gone viral and he has gained thousands of followers on social media.


Ronica, who works as a Finance Manager, said: “I have two other horses, Charlie and George, who spend some time in the house, but Fred spends the most time inside.


“He loves playing with the dogs and watching TV, laying on the couch, getting scratches and napping on the floor.


“He is full of personality and a really smart mini-horse.”


Ronica,  from Croton, Michigan, says Fred does also spend some time outside with his horse friends Charlie and George, who are both six.


Fred, Charlie and George are service horses who take part in therapy sessions with children.


Ronica said: “Fred sleeps in the house at night and goes out in the morning to be with Charlie and George in the pastures.


“He hates sleeping outside, though he occasionally does.


“In the winter, he spends a lot of time in his room when I’m gone since he stays body-clipped all year round.


“He loves going anywhere with me and because of our close bond he will do any unconventional thing that horses don’t normally do, because he knows I will always keep him safe.”