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A pet owner has made a stylish hat collection for her cat out of the moggie’s own fur.


Kristina Avonnokaz, 24, has made a different hat for every day of the week for her Prizrak by felting together the feline’s fur.


Kristina then filmed Prizrak sporting the hats as well as a pair of glasses made out of his own hair.


The hilarious video went viral online with over one million views.


Kristina, from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, said: “I was inspired by a video from the Internet which showed someone making a hat for a cat, but I decided to make a whole weekly collection instead.


“I also tried to make a pair of glasses, though Prizrak like those less than the hats.


“He has an interesting reaction to the hats, some hats he really likes and he wears them with pleasure, but some seem to bother him and he tears them to shreds.”


Kristina says she’d like to make an annual collection of hats with 12 pieces, one for each month.


Kristina said: “Many people also asked me if I wanted to make myself a hat out of cat hair, but it seems strange to me the idea of wearing something like that myself.


“However, I wanted to buy a similar hat and take a family-style selfie with Prizrak.”