Amazing Video

By Jessica Testa


A gorgeous scene of a stunning winter wonderland has been captured during a road trip to the ski fields at the Mount Field National Park in Tasmania, Australia.


University student Ally King, 25, was on her way down the mountain with a friend when the snow clouds set in, providing little visibility on the road.


As soon as the clouds cleared, they were greeted with this beautiful view of snow-covered mountains.


Ally said: “It is very common to see a dusting of snow on Mount Wellington, the mountain that looks over the city of Hobart, on a cold winters morning, however on this occasion snowfall was forecast to sea level so it was definitely a little heavier than usual.”


“I was absolutely in awe!


“This place is magical at the best of times, so seeing it in these conditions was incredible and I feel very grateful to have access to such an amazing place!”