Life Offbeat Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto


A daredevil says he has broken a world record by waterskiing while wearing stilts.


Christopher Dens, 30, zoomed around a lake with the 3.35 metre-high stilts on.


Incredible footage taken of the feat on Tuesday July 21 shows Christopher power through Hartley Lake in Minnesota, US.


Glen Sparry is officially recognised for breaking records by waterskiing on stilts. However, his were 10cm shorter than Christopher’s ones so now Christopher, of Minnesota, intends to contact Guinness World Records.


The daredevil, who completed the stunt on his sixth wedding anniversary, says the clip has become viral online with thousands of views.


Christopher said: “It’s an amazing feeling to be so high above the water, just exhilaration.


“It’s an exciting moment, there was quite a high.”