Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


Henry, Chip, Knox and Linus don’t live your standard Chinchilla lifestlye.


From dressing up all dapper in adorable clothes and outfits, to dining on miniature custom ice-creams and donuts.


Cincinnati based professional musician Shelby Jones, 27, provides a very unique, and almost human-like, lifestyle for her cute pets.


The quartet even have their own face-masks, shopping carts and tea sets.


Shelby said: “Living with chinchillas has been such a big part of my life for almost nine years, I couldn’t imagine life without them.


“Chinchillas are so unique, it’s hard to compare them with other pets.


“They have their own bedroom upstairs where they play for a while every night and sleep in their cages during the day.


“Most of my online ordering is buying more toys and cage furniture for them!


“My fiance and I adore the chins and hope to always have them in our lives.”