Offbeat Video

A talented make-up artist has turned himself into the horror versions of popular cartoon and video games characters.


Harry Whitfield, 23, from London, England, is a professional drag artist and character creator, who has recently begun to use the web as his stage due to the COVID-19 lockdown.


Harry’s specialty is turning himself into disturbingly modified versions of characters from cartoons, films and video games.


In one video, Harry is seen dressed up as a creepy Marge Simpson with a bloody grin and a cigarette between her teeth.


In another clip, the artist impersonates Fred Flintstone covered in blood and smelling a piece of meat.


Harry said: “I get my inspiration from fantasy movies, fictions books and comics and anything that is not based in reality!


“I love becoming something out of this world.”


One user commented on one of Harry’s videos, saying: “This is spectacular!”


Another one said: “This is bloody good!”