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A family in Michigan have shared their tradition of creating a ‘nacho table’ every summer, during their annual vacation together.


Membership & Marketing Director, Stefanie Herder, 36, began this tradition in 2017 while she and her family were looking for something fun to do during their vacation on a rainy day in Bitely, Michigan.


Stefanie said: “After I told them about how to make a nacho table, we went to local grocery store and bought all of the nacho fixings we could find to make our own and now we do it every summer!”


All you need to do is cover a large table with aluminium foil before spreading out the nachos and topping them with your protein of choice and melted cheese.


Each person in the group then claims a section of the table and adds any toppings they like to that section before tucking in to their delicious meal together.


“My friend Jared was telling our friend group about how he and his friend Kyle used to make a Nacho Table when they were in college so we had to try it out!”