Life Video Viral

By Neo Bye and Joe McFarlane


While vacationing to Disney World, Florida in July 2018, both Summer Dube, 24, and partner, Nathan Lunn, 25, both had secrets up their sleeves.


Standing in front of the iconic Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom for a photo opportunity, Nathan got down on one knee and proposed to Summer.


Immediately bursting into tears, Summer said “Yes”, and then proceeded to reveal a little secret of her own, by pulling out a tiny onesie with a badge attached saying “Coming Soon”, revealing to Nathan for the first time that she was pregnant.


Floored Nathan remained on one knee before the happy couple lovingly embraced


Now, two years later, the happy couple are still waiting to tie the knot, but live happily in Niagara Falls, Ontario, with 16-month-old Mylah, with another baby on the way, enjoying their special moment going viral.


Summer said: “When Nathan got on one knee I was in utter shock and disbelief.


“Before the trip I would joke that this would be the perfect place to propose if he ever wanted to and he kept saying how after paying for the trip, paying for a ring was just out of the question.


“While he was on one knee he was so nervous he could hardly get a word out, all he managed to say was “princess Summer Jade-“ before I kept asking what he was doing, I was so happy and excited I almost forgot to let him put the ring on.


“I was shaking so badly and everything around us didn’t exist.


“Afterward Nathan said he had no idea what I could be pulling out that would be worth doing in the moment I did it, he was completely floored and kept asking “really??!”


“Nathan instantly started crying with me and we just sobbed together.


“Afterward we just kept reliving the moment over and over and remembering new details like the crowd cheering, or things we had felt or said.


“After the surprises we both understood why the other person was being so weird all morning, we were both so nervous and hiding the biggest surprises of our lives!”