Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


Jay Moir, 20, has learnt to live with the limitations that cerebral palsy has had on his life.


Having the neurological condition, has affected Jay’s functional abilities of his limbs, in particular the use of his legs, resulting in the Aberdeen based lad from being unable to walk and being reliant on a wheelchair.


But determined Jay has learnt to overcome the obstacles in his life and has become an online inspiration, after posting his work-outs for the past three years.


From lifting weights to pull ups, Jay’s intense work-outs are a testament to his drive.


Jay said: “I’ve thankfully been able to learn what I am capable of pretty quickly, so I just focus on what I know I can do, rather than worry about what I can’t.


“I have worked out for three years and this helps me to get stronger and feel healthier, both physically and mentally.


“When I leave the gym, I feel very powerful, full of energy and extremely happy and positive.


“When I am able to overcome any obstacles that I have faced, I feel happy, proud of myself and glad that I don’t really let my disability hold me back.


“I post my videos to show others my workouts. In no way is it about boasting or showing-off, for me, it’s just about documenting my passion, but if people see my content, and find themselves inspired or motivated, then I’m honoured and I wish them all the best.


“Working out should be challenging but enjoyable, find something you love, don’t worry about others’ opinions, because if you’re happy, nobody should be able to take that away from you!”