Life Offbeat

By James Speakman and Robert Firth


A frustrated pastry chef who lost her ‘baking mojo’ at the beginning of lockdown has rekindled her passion for cooking by making gruesome-looking pies.

Lucy Bainbridge, 25, has been baking the terrifying treats for the past two months at her home in Newcastle in order to fill spare time she has acquired since the beginning of lockdown.

The macabre creations she has made so far include a plum pie in the shape of a clown’s face, a rhubarb and lychee pie made to look like a head with its brains exposed and another lychee pie with protruding crimson skulls.

Lucy, who also makes artisan cakes, admits she can’t stop cooking up the terrifying pastry creations and is stuffing herself with five slices of pie per day to keep up with her marathon baking, which sees her make up to four pies a week.

She said: “I can’t stop making terrifying pies.

“I eat them all myself and as it’s lockdown there’s no one to judge me for eating five slices of pie per day.

“I’ve made scary savoury pies like Tuscan bean pie but fruits like raspberry, blueberry and lychee work the best because they look like blood.

“I’d lost my baking mojo at the start of lockdown and went from making three cakes a month to none for almost eight weeks.

“I ended up in a situation where I feared I’d never bake again.

“But making these scary pies has helped me regain my passion for baking.”

Lucy gets inspiration for her ghoulish baked treats in the early hours of the morning before whipping the creations up in her kitchen the following day in under two hours.

And despite the gruesome appearance of her delicacies, they’re more wholesome than might be expected as they’re made using 100% vegan ingredients.

Lucy has been sharing her gruesome delicacies on Instagram @gracey.cakes but not everyone has been impressed and Lucy has received some abuse from people who’ve failed to see the funny side.

She said: “The reactions have been mixed.

“Some people were saying that they were going to block me for posting the cakes and that I would be hated.

“Luckily, most people had the sense to laugh at them.

“I think I’m going to do some intricate, pretty-looking cakes next.

“I need a break from the gore.”