Animals Life

By Hollie Bone


A stay at home mum has transformed a storage cupboard into a dog house, styled just like the exterior of her own home, for her 5st 7lbs puppy.


Anna Parker, from Abbotsford, Canada, roped in husband, Brett, and their five year old daughter, Ivy Lux, to help her create the incredible space for their nine-month old Bernese Mountain Dog and Australian Shepherd cross, River.

The family were renovating their basement when school director, Brett, suggested knocking a whole in the wall under the stairs so the large pooch could access and sleep in the storage cupboard – rather than staying in the unsightly crate where he previously slept.


But the DIY savvy mum decided to recreate the mini version of their house to make the space more cosy and inviting, fitting the same house number and style light fittings as seen outside their abode, and even wallpapered and decorated the inside of the cupboard with laminate flooring and photos for just £100 [$130 USD].


She said: “I wanted to make it look cosy and inviting and not just a hole in the wall.


“Before this it was an unfurnished storage closet.


“It’s in the style of our own house and the plans we have for the exterior. It has the very same numbers of our actual address and the same light outside.


“The only thing that is slightly different is the colour but we are planning to repaint the front of the house anyway.


“I think the people that know us really well aren’t surprised that we took on such an elaborate project but the people that don’t know us have been really impressed.”


The married couple brought the pup into their family after losing their son, Joplin, five, in January last year to a rare genetic mutation called the HECW2 mutation, which causes neurological degeneration.


Since then, River and Ivy Lux have become best friends and even had a sleepover together on River’s first night in the new dog house on Sunday [July 5].

Having started renovations on their basement in March, Anna already had most of the supplies she needed to create the dog house leftover from previous DIY jobs, including the house numbers, the lights, the photo frames, paint and laminate flooring.


The money-saving mum only had to spend £80 [$100 USD] on extra wood and £20 [$30 USD] on the door handle to finish the job.


After posting pictures of the transformation on Facebook, Anna has racked up more than 15,000 reactions and 1,500 shares.


She said: “I never expected it to go so viral but the reaction has been amazing and I have got a bit of a kick out of all of the women tagging her husband is in the post.


“As soon as Brett suggested cutting a hole in the wall to the storage room I said ‘if we’re going to do this we are going to do it properly’.


“Ivy Lux was so excited when we told her what we were doing, she couldn’t wait to get involved and help.


“Since she lost her brother, River has been an amazing support.


“The two of them are best friends, they do everything together, so it made sense that they spent River’s first night in there together.


“They both loved it!”