By William Lailey


A hench dog has been caught pumping out her chest as though she’s a club bouncer

The hilarious snaps, taken by Tascha Dearing, 25, from Suffolk, show pooch, Jojo, seven, standing for nononense.

With pubs, bars and restaurants opening this weekend it’s clear to see that no-one would get past this French bulldog cross.

Tascha, who is a photographer and accommodation manager, said: “Jojo is a Frenchton which is a French bulldog and a Boston terrior cross.

“We adopted her from the Dogs Trust in Haresfield in September 2019.

“She’s very vocal, but not with barking, with grumbles.

“Her favourite thing to do is sit outside and get roasted when it’s hot in the sun – she sits out there with her chest out almost like a bouncer.

“I think because of her hench shoulders it’s quite tricky to sit “ladylike” but it was a particularly hot day so I feel like it was a strange and hopefully efficient way to cool down!”

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