Amazing Video

By Charlotte Orie


Look away if you are squeamish! A talented illusionist makeup artist has created gory looks that are not for the faint-hearted.


Ruby Mitchell, 20, can be seen with missing fingers, eye ball and even a hole in her neck that allows the viewer to look right through.


Using special effects makeup, Ruby can do just about anything from gory to ginger bread men.


Ruby from WHERE, North Yorkshire, has shared impressive images that trick the viewers eye and may make you squirm as she seemingly holds her heart or appears to have a tin can stuck in her hand.


She said: “I find makeup fascinating as there are endless possibilities of what you can do.


“I love trying out new things and seeing the transformation and the whole process of the looks.


“Each look can take anything from one to seven hours to complete!


“I wanted to try something different with the hole in my stomach one which took five hours to complete.


“I had done a whole through my chest with a studio as a backdrop so I thought outside would be better. I used Ben Nye’s nose and scar wax to create the wound, then coloured it with skin illustrator paints and fake blood.


“Then used green paint in the centre to create the green screen effect to resemble the leafs of the bush – my neighbours were giving me some funny looks as I stood in front of it for pictures.


“That’s not the only time I have been spotted by someone with makeup on – I once had a parcel delivery and I answered the door with a burnt iron imprint on my face.


“The DHL delivery man’s face was a picture!”


Ruby admits she is a perfectionist and always finding ways to improve.


She said: “I first decided to try out illusions and special effect makeup after I realised how much I was enjoying doing regular beauty makeup.


“I was inspired to watch some tutorials to try out some new styles and techniques which is when I found various YouTube videos of different people doing illusion looks, so decided to try it myself.


“I’ve had an overwhelming amount of positive comments over the years I’ve been doing make-up –  it’s always nice receiving recognition  from well-known artists and brands, that I’ve looked up to from the beginning.”


Ruby, who shares her looks online, uses a variety of brands but her favourite special effects make-up brands are Ben Nye and Mehron.


She adds: “I do love having an audience to share my work with now and to entertain and interact with everyone, although, even if I didn’t, I would still be doing it.


“I’m so glad I pushed myself to pursue makeup as a career and listened to my own gut instinct rather than what other people at school thought I should do.”