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By William Lailey


Say cheese! These hungry critters were snapped snaffling breakfast at one woman’s feeder – that she set up with a hidden camera.


Lisa Ca, 42, set up a bird feeder cam in her back garden in an attempt to capture all of the wildlife that enters – with some extraordinary results.


Lisa, from Michigan, US, has always loved wildlife and wanted to come up with a way to capture the animals that tend to flee as soon as they saw her coming.


Lisa, who works as a translator, set up an Instagram page to showcase all of the animals she has managed to snap using the miniature home-made feeder cam that is secretly attached to the feeder.


In the photos, her feeder cam has caught squirrels, birds, chipmunks, groundhogs, doves and even mice with some hilarious results.


Capturing these wild animals has become Lisa’s full time hobby as she regularly posts the photos on her Instagram page which has raked in an impressive 35,000 followers.


Lisa, who is originally from Germany, said: “I always had a connection to birds and nature but the birdwatching began after my move to the US. Birds like the Cardinal, the American Goldfinch and the Blue Jay stunned me with their vibrant colours, so I started taking photos to show my family in Germany.


“I started with a pocket camera, and then went on to a DSLR. That was nice, but I still wanted to get closer. After a couple more experiments with different setups I ended up with the one I have right now, which is a homemade “feeder camera”.


“The camera is basically directly attached to the feeder, which allows for intimate portraits from an angle that you usually don’t see with bird photos.


“It is also an unobtrusive way to take bird photos because I don’t have to be physically close by since it operates with photo time lapse and motion detection.


“I learned what kinds of wildlife lives around me in this new home country of mine. The US is so vast too, and each region and state have their own specific animals and plants, so this helped me get more acquainted with Michigan.


“Birdwatching has also heightened my awareness of the need to protect our environment because it helps understanding our impact on it more”.