Animals Video Viral

By Dan Coles


A hilarious parrot can’t stop thanking his owner for anything she gives him.


Sprite, a three-year-old quaker parrot, recently learned how to thank his owner, Kristen Perry, from Texas, US, and now cant stop saying it every-time she gives him something.


In the video Sprite says thank you after being given a mug of water, washing liquid and even condoms, but holds off when being given a beer, instead choosing to run off with the goods.


Kristen said: “My quaker parrot, Sprite, knows how to say “thank you” on command, so I made the video in response to see how many things he would say thank you to, and it was hilarious!


“I bought Sprite three years ago and about six months into owning him he started talking and now knows over 100 words.”