Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A young woman filmed the hilarious reaction of her family and friends as she came home with a swollen jaw after some beauty treatment.


Sofia Marroquin, 19, from Gold Coast, Australia, underwent some treatment known as Kybella in order to reduce the fat in the area of her jowls.


During the treatment, Sofia’s face was injected with an acid which made it swell drastically and made it look like a square.


As Sofia returned home on June 12, she filmed the hilarious reaction of her family and friends to her new strange look.


“Oh my goodness” Sofia’s mum and dad, visibly startled, commented when they saw her.


Sofia said: “As soon as I saw my face for the first time after the treatment, I scared myself.


“I thought, this isn’t me.


“Then I couldn’t take myself seriously for days.


“None of my family members could take me seriously either and just laughed whenever I spoke.


“My face is still a tiny bit swollen now, but it’s much better and I look normal.”