Animals Video

By Lucy Notarantonio


An affectionate pit bull defies stereotypes and shows his love to everyone including a ginger tabby cat.


Ten-year-old Bubba, who is an American pit bull terrier, had taken Rue, four, in like one of his own – the pair who have a similar fur coat are inseparable.


The duo can be seen cuddling, playing and grooming each other and Rue even accompanies his bestie for walks.


Their owner Rebecca Pizzello, 30, from Los Angles, US, is in awe with their ‘sweet’ friendship which has blossomed over the years.


The former product manager said: “I feel like the luckiest person alive to be able to witness their cute friendship every day.


“They are the perfect pair and have never had a bad moment.


“I rescued Bubba when he was three-months-old and he was totally obsessed with little animals.


“He is a gentle giant so I knew it wouldn’t be a problem to rescue a cat in 2016.


“Rue was seven-weeks-old and thought Bubba was her mum but he loved playing that role.


“He loved bathing her daily and cuddling her whilst she slept – something they still do now.


“Rue is always all over Bubba, sometimes she will lick him or nibble his ear but he doesn’t even bat an eyelid.


“They are best friends who eat, sleep and even walk together.


“I used to put Rue in a baby harness as a kitten so she can come on walks and I once put it on Bubba for a photo opportunity – they looked so sweet.


“Now she accompanies us on a lead.”


Rebecca has documented their friendship from the very start – and she is proud to educate others that pit bulls aren’t aggressive animals.


She said: “Pit bulls have a terrible reputation but it is all about how they are raised.


“They are loyal dogs so if they are unfortunate enough to belong to a dog fighter than they will do as they have been told.


“People cross the street when they see Bubba coming but he’s so sweet. I just ignore it.


“People are shocked when they see how friendly he is and his friendship with Rue.


“I am happy that I can educate people about pit bulls and show they are lovely and deserve a chance.”