Nature Video

By Ellie Duncombe


This poor hedgehog was spotted trapped in a McDonalds Mcflurry package in the middle of the road.


Yuliya Gribova, 25, captured the moment her and her friend, Yura, ran over to the trapped animal.


As they approached the hedgehog, Yura grabbed the packaging and freed the hedgehog.


The hedgehog sat, scared by the two friends before swifty running away.


Yuliya said: “At first I noticed some kind of movement and thought it was a rat.


“Then I realised that it was a trapped hedgehog and I worried that someone may have done this to the poor animal.


“When we got closer we realised the hedgehog climbed in on its own accord to try and eat some ice cream.


“I think that the time has come to seriously think about nature and the environment and how us as people should become more responsible for our actions.


“Someone just threw this garbage away, missing the bin and it could have lead to the death of this poor animal.”