Amazing Offbeat Video

By Randal Coombs


An uncle-to-be created some truly stunning pictures for his sister and her husband – documenting her pregnancy with a series of stunning shots that aren’t quite as dangerous as they look.


Professional photographer, Benjamin Von Wong and his family have been getting creative since they were all quarantined in San Francisco, California including his mother who first noticed that corn on the cob looked like skyscrapers when they were pointing upward.


With Benjamin’s sister being eight months pregnant, they decided to incorporate the corn along with other fruit and vegetables into an entire maternity photo shoot.


While Benjamin got the pictures and poses shot, his mum got to work on building the corn city that the cut outs could be attached to and then photographed in a studio setting.


The results were epic as the skyline replicated any major city with a little pregnant model on the side of the building.


This only gave Benjamin’s mum more inspiration as they went on to shoot more fruit and veg inspired backdrops utilising: pomegranates as underwater coral; dragon fruit as a paddleboard; and bananas as a ski slope.


They also used tree bark as a cliff face as Benjamin shot the whole family, then attached the tiny silhouettes to using thin wire.


Benjamin said: “After noticing that Corn looked like Skyscrapers, my mom asked if I could help her create a series of tiny world portraits of my 8-month old pregnant sister and her husband.


“My sister is a pretty adventurous lady but since the lockdowns began, we’ve been all trapped… so we decided to give her an adventure from the comforts of our own home!


“My mom was in charge of experimenting with fruits and vegetables


“The little silhouettes were stuck onto thin pieces of wire.


“My mom spent her days looking at random household objects to see how they could be used in unique and interesting ways.”