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By William Lailey


A mum had the sweetest surprise when she looked outside of her window, spotting a fox mum with her cubs playing on her garden shed.


Theresa Dawson, 50, a housewife from Southampton, Hampshire, says she has always had foxes visiting her with their cubs – before heading off into the wild once they’re old enough.


Theresa snapped the images from her bedroom window over the past two months.


She said: “Their den is in an old disused shed which is overgrown in our neighbours’ back garden -they are very safe in there.


“We have had foxes coming every year for about six-seven years, they have their cubs and then leave when old enough .


“When I first saw them I was totally amazed, it was absolutely lovely to watch them, I love wildlife and we have the best view.


“We’ve never had nine coming  all at once until now.


“It is the best feeling in the world as they are doing no harm just looking after their cubs – I’m glad they came here.”