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By Charlotte Nisbet


This thrill seeking Goldendoodle swaps his walkies for rollercoasters – and has visited theme parks over 100 times in just 12 months.


Pooch, Hubble, aged one, loves the feeling of wind hitting his ears and has no fear when it comes to heights.


Alongside his owner, Kristen Strychalski, 22, Hubble visits theme parks across Florida up to eight times per month.


The adrenaline junkie has enjoyed rides since he was just two-months-old and has recently celebrated his first birthday dressed up as Harry Potter while visiting Universal Studios.


Kristen said: “Hubble loves rides and he enjoys being photographed with the characters at Disney World.


“He is allowed on all of the rides that have no height restrictions so we have plenty to choose from every time we visit.


“Hubble is training to become my service dog too as I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, he can currently open and close doors, fetch my belongings and turn off lights.


“We have a Universal Studios pass so we can visit there as much as we like and I work at Disney World too so we get lots of discounts.


“It’s amazing having my fury best friend at my side on the rollercoasters.


“People are always fascinated to see him on the rides but people mostly comment on the fact that he’s wearing shoes, which he wears to help protect his paws in the heat.”


Kristen says that Hubble’s favourite rides are the skyliners and that he will poke his head out to the side to catch the fast breeze.


She said: “He looks as though he is smiling in some of the photos he’s enjoying himself that much.


“He definitely gets excited when I tell him we are off to visit a theme park for the day, even more so than when I say ‘walkies.’


“I decided it was only fair that we went to Universal Studios for his first birthday.


“I made him look extra special by dressing him up as Harry Potter which made lots of people smile as we walked around the park.


“Hubble loves it and we will continue to visit the parks together as much as we can.


“It’s our favourite hobby and once Hubble finishes all of his service dog training he will even come to work with me.”


Due to Kristen’s auto-immune conditions, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, which she was diagnosed with aged 12, she needs extra help with mobility.


She added: “Hubble already helps me so much around the house as my conditions can leave me feeling exhausted and unable to move well.


“He’s an amazing dog and we have the most amazing bond.”