Animals Offbeat Video

BY Lucy Harvey


A pair of competitive hedgehogs have been caught playing bowling but all is not what it seems.


Two-year-old hedgehog, Pepper, has recently been joined by three-month-old Tuck who can be seen walking down their homemade bowling alley and knocking down pins.


Their owner Michael Cannizzaro, 37, from New Jersey, US, warns viewers that it isn’t what it look likes as some may assume he was going to use his adorable pets as the ball.


Michael, who is a business owner, commentates the games and captures the footage from two angles including a birds eye view to ensure the viewer doesn’t miss the shots.


He said: “I’ve always observed how Pepper and Tuck were like little bulldozers when there were items in their way.


“It was clear that if Pepper believed she could fit into a tight space, she would just go and knock down anything that was in her path.


“I realised that if I could find bowling pins that weren’t too heavy or large they might actually be able to knock them down and sure enough, I found a light foam set on Amazon and that’s exactly what happened.


“Tuck is only young so he is already very active and still figuring the world out but Pepper is a savvy veteran athlete now who just loves to be on the go exploring.


“I think they both enjoy being out of their cage and interacting with something other than their wheel and I’ve been told by Vets and Hedgie rescue groups that if they did not like it or if they did not want to do it, they would just sit in the corner in a ball and go to sleep.


“I think I have as much fun watching them figure out the obstacles that I put in front of them as they do conquering them.


“People are loving the bowling video so far and the comments have been nothing but positive and complementary so I take my cues from the reactions I see on social media whether it be likes, comments, shares or any other input I read.


“As long as people still enjoy watching their antics and my business remains closed due to corona freeing up more of my time, I hope to keep making videos that help make people’s days a little brighter.”