Amazing Offbeat Video

By Leah Fox


A talented artist has transformed her face into 10 iconic Disney Pixar characters.


From Toy Story’s Rex, Monsters Inc’s Mike Wazowski to Ratatouille’s Remy, Krista Krautner, 27, spends up to four hours a day creating each incredible look that completely fools the eye.


Self-taught Krista built up her skills by painting basic skulls and zombies, before diving into the weird and wonderful illusion makeup to really test her artistry.


The website designer now spends evenings after work reconstructing her face with paint before posting pictures online to shock her followers, who spend hours trying to locate her real facial features.


Krista, from Michigan, US, said: “I started the Pixar looks at the beginning of this year with Rex from Toy Story because I’m a child at heart and love Disney and Pixar.


“People reacted really crazy to that and I’ve now done 10 Pixar themed looks in total.


“Most of them took around four hours to paint depending on the detail.


“Carl Fredricksen from Up was pretty tough because I painted another face on top of my own, replacing the eyes and just becoming another person rather than an animal.


“I started off with basic skulls or zombies and then one day I really wanted to challenge myself and transform into a vampire bat by completely reconstructing my face with paint.


“I loved the illusion look so much and I wanted to keep doing it. I just really like to manipulate and fool the eye.


“It’s always exciting when I post a new look on Instagram – people say they have to stare at the photos for a while to try and see where my facial features are because it’s so insane!”


Krista only started her hobby a year ago, after being inspired by the ever-growing makeup community online.


She decided to buy a paint palette from Amazon in March 2019 and has since created an illusion face painting every single week.


She uses water activated face and body paints as base colours and eyeshadow for shading – but she also likes to use paper and card to add extra structures to her face such as animal ears – before snapping amazing pictures on a black background.


Krista said: “I never really knew how big the makeup community was, then I just kept seeing more and more of these illusion face paints on Instagram and I really wanted to get involved.


“The first look ever did when playing around was some sort of green reptile monster – I thought it was the best thing ever but looking back at it I can see how much I’ve grown.”


Krista believes her newfound hobby helps her switch off after work in the evenings and she has even racked up almost 2000 followers on Instagram.


The talented lady has already started planning her Halloween looks for October but has also recently been recreating animal illusions, painting herself as a giraffe and a chameleon.


She added: “I’m on a computer screen all day for eight hours at work and it’s just so nice to break away from all of that to paint and create.


“There’s a sense of tranquillity when I’m painting and it puts my mind at ease – it’s like an escape from the world.


“Through my work I’ve made a lot of friends in the makeup and painting community where we all support each other so that’s really awesome.


“At the end of the day I paint for myself because I enjoy it but to see that other people enjoy it as well is such a plus.”