Animals Nature Video

By Dan Coles


A clever seal didn’t go to any extra effort to catch dinner as he carefully waited for a fisherman to catch a fish, before jumping out of the water to steal it.


The hilarious moment was caught by Wally Harrak, who often heads out to sea to see what he can find.


Just as his friend, Marko, finally caught a fish and started reeling it in, the crafty seal waited for the fish to be in the open air as he jumped out and caught it before diving back into the water, never to be seen again.


Wally said: “I thought I would teach Marko how to fish and use a boat safely before he took his family out the following weekend.


“The fishing was great until a seal popped out of the water and snatched Marko’s fish scaring the Bejesus out of him.


“Needless to say the seal got the fish and Marko got his hook back with only a Fish head on it.