Offbeat Video

By Leah Fox


A medium claims to have captured two eerie graveyard ghouls on ghost hunting live streams in broad daylight – after one ‘shut down’ her broadcast – but can YOU spot the ghostly figures?


Psychic medium Deborah Davies, 53, decided to do a series of live ghost hunting shows online, visiting a church graveyard built in 1256 that is rumoured to be haunted by 100 year old ghouls.


Looking back on the footage, Deborah was shocked to see a ghostly figure of a little girl running through the graves and the following day she spotted an old man’s ghost walking behind her shoulder – whose spirit she claims ‘shut down’ the stream.


The clairvoyant claims she will do anything to discount the spooky goings on that she often encounters, however she believes these two instances are inexplicable.


Deborah, from Wilmslow, Cheshire, said: “Last week I went to a very old graveyard near to where I live, where all of the graves are over 100 years old.


“The original church on that site was built in 1256 so I knew I’d get loads from it because it’s so old and I went at around 4pm to test it out on a livestream.


“Everyone was going mad because there was so much going on so I went back the following day and saw a girl running through the graves in what looks like a white dress.


“I didn’t notice her because I was holding the camera, talking and looking around but people eventually pointed it out to me in the comments.


“I went back the next day and made sure there was no possible way it could be wrong – it didn’t look like a dog so I slowed the footage down and it actually looked like a girl.


“People always say you only find ghosts at night but that’s not true because you find them all around you in the daytime too.”


Eager for more, Deborah visited the graveyard again and shocked her followers when a clear ghostly figure of an old man walked amongst the graves behind her, after her livestream abruptly ended.


She said: “I put my camera right up to one of the graves near where you see the old man on the video and I started reading out the name on the grave.


“Whenever I do this, the wind starts to pick up around the grave and it’s really freaky.


“Then my phone screen went black and the livestream ended – it wouldn’t turn back on, I didn’t know what had happened.


“I got my phone going again and at the start of the second livestream I stand there shaking my head in disbelief and that’s when you see the old man’s figure in the background.”


Deborah was inundated with messages about this creepy experience and would usually believe most of it is pareidolia, where the eyes are trained to search for a face in anything.


She even got her husband to walk behind the wall closing off the graves, to see if the ghost of the little girl was actually just someone walking past – but she couldn’t see him walk by.


But these two experiences have left her gobsmacked after realising they could actually be creepy paranormal activity.


Deborah added: “When someone points something out, I’m 95 per cent sure it will be nothing and I’ll be able to find a reasonable explanation for it.


“I’m very hot on not assuming everything is a ghost and I will go out of my way to discount it but I think the ghosts in these two videos are definitely those of a child and an old man.


“It’s made me feel excited and I think it’s good to get evidence of life beyond death – I think that gives people some hope and peace of mind that life does go on after death.


“I love ghost hunting and I’m on a roll now so I’m definitely going to go back out for more.”