Animals Video

By Dan Coles


Gravity won the battle when an adventurous dog tried to climb a tree, only to fall into the water below.

Melissa Bayley, from Northland, New Zealand, was walking with her four-pawed pal Dougie, a kelpie, who spotted a broken tree he couldn’t resist climbing.

The funny dog managed to get to the top but just as his very own Simba moment could come to fruition, he slipped and fell into the water below – luckily remaining injury free.

Mellissa said: “He is an avid possum hunter and indicated an interest in the tree.

“I checked there were no nesting birds in it before Dougie climbed, he didn’t quite reach the top and fell into the creek below.

“Luckily, the creek was deep enough that he wasn’t hurt, and he does love swimming so wasn’t bothered.”