Animals Nature Video

By Dan Coles


A couple that were out fishing spotted a trapped turtle wedged into mangroves, so they quickly sailed over to him to release him back into the water.

Fishing enthusiast Kirsty Waters, from Pilbara, Western Australia, was fishing with her family in May 2020, when she spotted the poor turtle lodged in some bushes.

When they got over to the turtle they calmly pulled him from out of his trap and placed him back into the water, where he swam away – finally free from his troublesome situation.

Kirsty said: “We were out fishing with the kids and spotted a turtle wedged up in the mangroves, he must of got stuck in there on high tide.

“So, we went over and removed him then let him go, it was really exciting to be able to release the poor thing.

“We had lots of positive comments from friends when we posted the footage, everyone was so glad we spotted him.”