Life Video

By Jack Mobley


Kevin Stevenson and his friends were taking their bikes out for a spin when they encountered a car that had driven into the central reservation, later discovering that the driver had suffered a seizure whilst behind the wheel.

On the interstate in Woodbury, Minnesota, US, Kevin and his friends noticed the vehicle veered into the central barrier before drifting between lanes.

The motorcyclists quickly pulled over to attend to the young woman who suffered from a seizure on May 31.

One man, Brian, had to break the window whilst Kevin contacted the emergency services as traffic slowed to a crawl, meanwhile Ado was on hand for immediate medical assistance as he had prior experience in dealing with seizure sufferers.

Seven minutes later, the emergency response unit located the wreck and everyone was dispersed as the professionals were able to take over and provide medical assistance.

According to Kevin, after 15-20 minutes, the driver was able to stand unassisted and get into the ambulance.

Kevin said: “Obviously we were nervous and wanted to make sure we got her the assistance she needed right away.

“I’m just glad I get to portray some positivity and we’re all glad we were there at the right time.”