Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Orie


You’d be forgiven for wanting to take a bit out of these mouth-watering food snaps – until you realise they’re actually painted BODY PARTS.

From a shin that looks just like a peeled banana to a cheese board painted on the artist’s face, these gastronomic delights really are too good to eat.

Make up artist Mimi Choi, from Vancouver, Canada, fell in love with illusion makeup after studying at a makeup and beauty school, Blanche MacDonald Centre, she was 28 years old.

The professional makeup artist quit her job as a pre-school instructor to follow her dreams and has since amassed an audience of 1.1 million on Instagram where she shares all of her quirky makeup looks.

Mimi has gone on to transform her face into a cheese board complete with grapes and apples, her leg into a peeled banana and her arm into sushi which all look shockingly realistic.

The 34-year-old can spent up to four hours creating one look and gets most of her inspiration from real food and digital art that she has seen.

Since being in lockdown, Mimi is giving masterclasses in partnership with makeup academies over the popular video conferencing site Zoom where she is teaching makeup hopefuls how she does illusion makeup.

No look is too extreme for Mimi as she loves getting creative with makeup and often confuses and shocks her audience with how distorted it can make their perception.

She said: “As an intrinsically creative and artistic person, I found myself doodling and painting details on my nails after work as a stress reliever and outlet.  When my mother noticed this, she encouraged me to pursue my passion.

“I use mostly water-based face-paints and everyday cosmetics like matte eyeshadows, liquid eyeliners, and lipsticks from my favourite brands. I work a lot with Kryolan, MAC, Make Up For Ever, NYX, and Mehron to name a few.

“My art can have dizzying effects and can really confuse people; some of my more morbid looks can be scary and shocking to my audience as well. I really enjoy trying different things and not taking my work too seriously.

“The actual process of painting can take several hours but I find it therapeutic and calming in a way.

“I enjoy sharing my work with my followers and connecting with them through social media or in person but even if I didn’t have the following that I have, I would still be doing this as it truly is my passion and brings me great joy”.