Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe


This family have a full sized pet pig living in their house despite originally being told he was a micro-pig.

Evgeniy and Olga Belousov, from Moscow, Russia, were told that their pet pig, Lokky, was a micro-pig that should only grow to weigh around two stone.

36-year-old Evgeniy, was desperate for a pet but found out he was extremely allergic to most domestic animals, including cats and dogs.

Having found this out, Evgeniy looked into other animals and discovered he was not allergic to pigs.

He decided to visit a nursery that was holding five piglets and chose Lokki out of the bunch after being told he was a micro-pig that would not weigh more than 15kg.

Lokki is now four-years-old and weighs more than five stone – but his owners suspect he still has a bit of growing to do.

The farm animal has full rein of the apartment that his owners live in and is treated like their child.

Evgeniy said: “We didn’t keep pets before, the piglet does not bring any trouble and we treat him like a person. He doesn’t have a specific room, he can roam the whole apartment.

“Pigs devour everything; we feed him vegetables and fruit with the addition of diet bran and his favourite foods are banana, peruvian mango and sweet mandarin.

“We feed him twice a day and he eats between 400-500 grams of food everyday.

“We walk with him once a day and he is used to it. When we walk, a bunch of children gather around us and everyone wants a pig for themselves!

“After Lokki came home with us, we became more disciplined and responsible. Home life spun around and we love and care for him very much”.