Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


As Kate Yandle, 25, went on a stroll in Tunbridge Wells, UK, pet dog Ruby, wandered off in a near-by wood.

Returning from the trees, Ruby looked particularly proud of herself, and, had what Kate believed, a large stick in her mouth.

However, after closer inspection, and to Kate’s shock, Ruby wasn’t holding a branch in her mouth, but rather a soil covered animal spine.

Kate said: “Ruby seemed particularly pleased with herself.

“I thought it would be a sweet video of Ruby bringing a stick back with her, hence my initial demeanour in the video.

“I thought it was a stick of some sort, but then soon realised it was a spine.

“I was filled with horror, while Ruby thought it was a game and sprinted away gleefully with her contraband.

“I was later told by someone that it was likely to be the spine of a Reeve’s muntjac, which is a tiny deer.

“I went from joyful to shock in about five seconds flat.”