Nature Video

By Taniya Dutta


A heartwarming video emerged from India shows the moment two wild parrots joining a guitarist for an impromptu jam session.

Jatin Talukdar, 26, a professional guitarist was strumming his guitar by the window of his house in Mumbai when two Alexandrine parrots paid him a surprise visit and decided to join him.

The video shows Jatin sitting near the window of his 7th floor apartment as the parrots, who he has named Jim and Kairi, join him.

As Jatin continues playing and whistling along the tunes of guitar, Jim, come closer and starts singing.

The adorable video has since gone viral in social media.

“I’m really fond of birds and nature in general.

“It was a very special moment when Jim ended up jamming with me.

“It’s hard to express in words, to witness two of my favourite things in the world, connect at this level.

“It lasted for 1-2 minutes!

The guitarist, who plays live at different venues with his Instrumental band Jatin Talukdar Project, called Jim and Kair the best audience.

“They aren’t my pet parrot, they are wild Alexandrine parrots who have been visiting me for 10 days now.

“This was the first time they joined me for the jam session. They have been getting closer with everyday single day!

“Their visits have been one me of the best things that has happened to me in a while.