Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


An experienced vet has began to share a selection of adorable moments he has experienced with his collection of happy patients.

Andre Sousa Santos, 32, has worked as a vet for the past nine years.

Helping the animals of Lisbon, Portugal, at the Hospital Veterinário do Restelo, Andre has began to share his experiences with some of his most playful patients online.

From playful pugs licking Andre’s face a he tries to clip their claws, to viewing healthy ultrasounds with adorable Dachshunds, Andre cares so much for his furry friends, that he will even sing to them, in order to calm them during vaccination needles.

Andre said: “I love animals. It’s lovely when they get treated and I have a beautiful feeling when I’m coming home as I know I did my best!

“I think they know that I’m not harmful! I think they can understand my body language and the way I approach them.”