Animals Video

By Aliki Kraterou


The shocking footage shows a bear being rescued after getting its paw trapped in an illegal boar trap.

Locals spotted the bear trying to free itself from the trap in the village of Roditis, in Kozani, Greece.

Members of the Arcturos Rescue Team were called and were able to give the pained bear an anaesthetic before he was eventually freed.

The team’s vet took care of the injuries in his neck and paw, and put him on a drip-  after a few hours the bear woke up and was released.

The vet says that ‘Theofilos’ the bear, was probably trapped for almost a day, was so exhausted and probably would have lost his life after a few hours.

Panos Stefanou, from Arcturos Rescue Team, said: What saved the little bear was passers by who spotted it, stopped at the end of the motorway, called the Arcturos Rescue Team and waited with the bear until we arrived.

“The fact that its mum was looking from across the motorway was even more dangerous since she could have moved across and become potentially violent to protect her her cub.

“Thankfully everything went well.”