Life Offbeat Video

By Robert Firth

People missing their local due to lockdown restrictions can now pull pints from their back garden in a giant inflatable pub.

Punters can now hire the 40-person capacity pop-up pub for £495, complete with beer hall tables, benches and a sound system – even though government rules mean you can currently only have five mates to join you.

The distinctive Tudor-style expanding pub is finished with a traditional wooden bar and inflatable kegs and is 20ft high, 25 ft in length and measures 20 ft in width – meaning social distancing will be easy.

The boozer-barmy owners of the pub say they’ve been a hit in lockdown with people missing the atmosphere in their local.

Claire Lambert, 39, from The Manchester Inflatable Pub Company, said: “People might not be able to go out and enjoy a drink at their local at present but with the inflatable pub you can bring your local to your back garden.

“The pub has a real wow factor.

“You can serve behind the bar and be your own landlord or landlady and you can set your own last orders.

“People have been having special household-only birthday parties and hiring the inflatable pub as an eye-catching addition.

“I would use the pub for a special birthday or gathering with friends.

“It’s a more interesting and cheaper alternative to a function room – I think it’s amazing.”

Jimmy Duffy, 48, said: “We have a strict cleaning procedure and we clean the inflatables thoroughly before they go out and after they’re used.

“We also encourage customers to clean the pubs themselves after use.

“They’re very quick to put up and our staff ensure they’re anchored into the ground properly.

“My aim is to enjoy life and give back as much as I can to communities and providing the pub to people as a bit of fun is a way of doing this.