Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


Quinn Rollman, 19, has been passing the time honing in on his trick-shot skills.

Using a ping pong ball and elaborate set-ups using pots, pans and even hair-dryers, Quinn has become quite the master trickster.

While nailing his complex trick-shots, Quinn has also been creating some satisfying, rhythmic sounds as the plastic ball bounces between the metal pots and pans.

Quinn said: “When I first went viral my heart was racing because it’s what everyone who posts videos wants to happen.

“I immediately told my family and friends, and they we were all in disbelief.

“Each shot varies with the time requirement. Some videos are easier to set up but I could be unlucky and not make the shot for a while.

“On the other hand, some shots take a long time to set up and I get lucky and make it right away. On average, each shot takes one to three hours to make.”