Animals Video

By William Lailey


A hilarious video shows a parrot playing peekaboo with his owner.

Stella Moon, 26, took this video in her living room as she played the popular childhood game with her pet parrot, Wilbur.

The video shows Stella, from Buena Park, California, putting her hands over Wilbur’s eyes several times and lifting them off to reveal Wilbur as he says “peekaboo” to the camera.

Stella plays the game with her one-year-old white-faced cockatiel daily and loves to teach him new tricks.

Wilbur can also high-five people, turn around, give kisses, sing tunes, and repeat words that he hears around the house such as “good boy Wilbur”.

Stella said: “I would play peekaboo with him on a daily and he eventually picked it up himself”.

“One of my favourite things about Wilbur is how curious he gets. When we sing tunes, he’ll try to turn his head to get a better listen. When he sees something interesting, he will stretch out his neck to have a better look. It’s so adorable!

“I grew up with a love for birds. I used to have a couple cockatiels as a child and didn’t have one for a very long time until after I got married

“My friends would always question my love for birds. They thought it was the strangest thing, some even despised birds. After getting Wilbur and seeing how he is, a lot of my friends have now become bird lovers.

“I’m just glad that I can open up to the people around me how clever birds can be and how adorable and loving they are as well”.