Animals Offbeat Video

By Lucy Harvey


It sounds like a poorly-constructed homework excuse – but for one family, their homework really has been eaten by their pet goat.

Nicola Miles Bevan, 37, lives in her house in West Wales with her husband Nigel and two children Jackson, 7 and Eddie, 6 and their pet goat Daisy who was born on their farm.

Since lockdown, Nicola has been trying to home school her two boys with mischievous Daisy making it very difficult by eating their homework.

Daisy, who is only four months old, was taken in to the house by Nicola after they found her cold and wet and barely breathing on the floor just hours after she was born.

The family took her inside and nursed her and now she has become a regular member of the household.

Daisy follows Nicola around the house constantly and loves joining the family for their daily walks along the canal with their pet dogs.

As well as playing in the garden and roaming around the house, Daisy enjoys watching Jackson and Eddie completing their school work at home and loves to watch them when they are drawing, writing and reading.

Nicola said: “Daisy is very loving and affectionate. She follows me like a shadow and we are convinced she thinks she is a dog.

“Daisy spends her time in the garden playing with our five dogs or in the house. We take her out to play with her sister and mother but she stays very close to us and won’t be left with them.

“Schooling and learning should be good fun and enjoyable and it certainly is with Daisy around. She leans on the table with her knees and sometimes stands on the table and tries to pick up pencils and bits of paper.

“The other day we went out and left her in the garden with Lily and she managed to break down the baby gate. The bin had been emptied and its contents were everywhere. Paper and pencils were spread all over the place from the kids colouring in and homework corner.

“She really likes bedtime stories and sits in between the children while we read their bedtime books. She also likes to eat the book whilst the story is being read!”.

Nicola took Daisy in when she found her laying close to death on the floor after her mother gave birth to her.

“We brought her inside and warmed her up with heat pads. She slowly starting coming round but she was very weak.

“We bottle fed her with great difficulty as she would only take sips at a time and then would cough and splutter after just a few sips. She was very weak and had no interest in nursing her mother at all.

“There is no question that Daisy would have died if we hadn’t intervened”.

Nicola tried to reintroduce Daisy to her mother but she was rejected which led to her becoming a full time member of the house hold.