Animals Video

By William Lailey


A kind-hearted Dalmatian has decided to take on the role of ‘mum’ to five kittens.

When Jenny Pogue, 37,  a massage therapist, decided to foster the five kittens, she didn’t expect that Zoey, her six month old Dalmatian would become their foster mum too.

Jenny, filmed Zoey and the kittens playing, sleeping and cleaning each other at her home in Spokane Valley Washington, USA.

She said: “Zoey displayed immediate interest in the kittens-when they were tiny I let her sniff them and from that moment on she was hooked.

“I kept them in a separate room at first and she would sit in front of the door and wait for a glimpse of them.

“Once they were a bit older Zoey was able to spend as much time as she wanted with them, and she did.

“She seemed to take on the mother role, cleaning and protecting, she also took on the role of friends by playing with them.

“They mostly enjoy play fighting, sleeping and cleaning each other.”