Animals Video

By Mikey Jones


Two baby elephants have been caught play fighting with one another on the grass.

Lucie Štěpničková, 33, from Prague captured the adorable images of the small female elephants – who were both born this year and are half-sisters – while visiting Prague Zoo.

The images show the two baby elephants tumbling onto the floor as they intertwine their trunks.

Lucie said: “The first elephant was born on March 27 to an elephant called Tamara and the second on May 9, 2020 to the elephant Janita.

“They both have the same father and is an elephant male known as Ankhor. You can recognise an older female by the bulge on her bottom.

“Both females are almost the same size.

“The younger female still likes to sleep during the day, but the older one does not like it and goes to wake her younger sister so that she can play with her.

“She has already learned to climb a rock and is now teaching her older sister. it is a pleasure to look at them. They like to bump into each other and provoke each other.”