By Dan Coles


An ecstatic dog has been filmed greeting his owner after they had to spend three months apart.

Ben Stuller, 37, from the Czech Republic, and his loyal four-poured companion, Charlie, two, a bohemian spotted dog finally got back together last week and the adorable moment was caught on film showing an ecstatic Charlie greet his owner.

They had been separated in February when Ben, A travel agency owner, went to Barbados and was refused entry to his home in Czechia due to border restrictions in place to halt the spread of COVID-19.

After three months of not being able to see each other the restrictions were lifted this month, so Ben returned home where he and Charlie were together again at last.

Ben said: “I went on a trip with my surf travel company in February to Barbados as a guide, while still on Barbados, I found out that I won’t be able to return to Czechia to see my Wife, and of course, Charlie.

“I was bit worried wondering if he still remembers me, but how could he forget, as you can see on the video he was exited.

“I think I could also hear a little bit of anger in him wondering why I had been gone so long.

“I love my family and my dog and it’s always hard to be apart, luckily we now have internet and phones, so I was able to speak to my family regularly.

“I even tried to do video call with Charlie a couple of times, but it didn’t work, at least I had the comfort that my wife is with him and he’s well taken care of.

“Since being back we walk or jog around our house a lot as we live in the countryside, Charlie loves to explore the forests around here.

“Sometimes I take a skateboard and we go skateboarding together, but I think he’s already waiting and looking forward when we will load the van and head on an adventure.”

Charlie and Ben were separated in February due to the Czechia border closing, leaving him unable to return to his loyal dog, and wife, Katerina, 36.

He said: “I decided to stay in Caribbean to spend couple weeks until the borders reopened, but the situation got worse and we were forced to confinement for three months away from home, which is quite a long time.

“In May, the situation in Europe started to get better, they now allow family members to travel planes started to operate again so I was finally able to get back home.”

In the video Charlie can be seen atop the front fence and then frantically greeting Ben as a welcome home after not being able to see each other for a long time.

Ben said: “I was so happy to be home with him, and to be home with my wife, who I had not seen in such a long time.

“It was hard but now we’re back, once the virus is under real control, the next adventure e take be together.”