Animals Video

By Lucy Harvey


This heart warming relationship between a golden-doodle pup and a six month old baby has captured the hearts of thousands.

Mum Jessica, from Westport, CT, has an Instagram account dedicated to six-year-old Samson where she posts the heart-warming snaps for his impressive 705,000 followers.

Jessica is also mum to two more golden doodles, Charley and Shea from the same litter, who are just one year old.

Her son Theo has an incredible bond with the pups and loves playing with his fluffy friends.

Jessica said: “It’s amazing to see Theo’s relationship with the dogs evolve; pretty soon, Theo will be sneaking them treats. In the past month or so, Theo’s really started to pet and rub them and become more aware of their presence which has been sweet to watch.

“People always joke that Theo is going to think he’s a dog too!

“I truly believe from the beginning he has felt the calming presence of the dogs. When he was just one week old, I put him in the middle of them and he beamed.

“He’s a very calm and chilled out baby; obviously it’s partly just genetic and his personality but I really think the dogs have helped.

“My main goal with Samson’s account was always to spread joy and bring laughs and smiles. I didn’t realise adding a baby to the mix would bring so much more attention but what is more pure than the bond between a baby and a dog”.