Life Video

By Joe McFarlane and Randal Coombs


As Brooklyn Van Zandt, 14,  was relaxing by the pool in Burgers Lake, Fort Worth, TX, the teenager spotted a man gingerly standing at the edge of a high-board, nervously looking down at the water below.

Within moments, the entire water-park was cheering on support and encouragement, which finally gave the man the bravery to make a splash.

Brooklyn said: “The crowd and everyone in the water park realised he was nervous and started to cheer him on saying ‘you got this’ and ‘you can do it.’

“He then realised everyone was cheering for him and he asked for more.

“The crowd started to chant ‘jump, jump, jump’ and he went for it.

“You can hear the crowd cheering with excitement for him, it was a heartwarming moment.”