Life Nature Video

BY Ellie Duncombe


This is the incredible moment a drummer played a song on top of a mountain in Austria.

Filmmaker Riccardo Zottele captured the team and drummer, Rochus Burtscher , as they climbed the mountain, Roggelskopf, in August, 2019.

At 2284 metres above sea level, the group of friends hiked for nine hours before reaching the summit of the mountain.

As the sun was setting, the team set up the drum set before capturing Rochus performing a few tracks.

Riccardo said: “We had the idea to play the drums on the very top of a mountain in Austria, so, we just did it.

“It was really crazy and there is no cable car to help you get to the top.

“ In 2 days we were hiking for 21 hours in total.

“It was not only the long hike, that exhausted us so much, but also the heavy baggage we had to bring with us.”