Life Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley, Jessica Testa & Joe McFarlane


This man tries to demonstrate his strength in a graceful way but ends up on his back at the bottom of a pole.

Lucy Hutchinson watched on as boyfriend, Chris Cowgill, tried his hand at pole fitness in their Lancaster home on May 22.

Chris takes to the pole and attempts to throw his legs above his head, colliding with a nearby ceiling fan in the process.

Slowly, Chris begins to slide down the pole as his failed attempt sees him land flat on his back.

Lucy siad: “My ginger juggernaut of a boyfriend attempted a pole move called the ‘power chop’, or ‘shoulder mount’.

“This was the first time he had ever attempted a pole move and he actually mastered it (sort of) in one single try, owing to his impressive upper body and core strength.

“As you can see, he booted the ceiling fan and then skidded down the pole, bum in the air until he collapsed in a heap on the floor laughing his head off.”