Life Video

By Dan Coles


A high-risk toddler has been reunited with her parents after having to separate from them while her dad was infected with COVID-19.

Alexis Cutlip, four, from Maryland, USA, was sent to live with her grandparents for her own safety three weeks ago [May 8] after her dad, Jesse, 32, an electrical journeyman, tested positive for COVID-19 and had to self-isolate at home for 14 days.

Due to Alexis having asthma and a narrow airway she was at high risk of not being able to cope with contracting the disease and could only communicate with her parents Krystal, 28, and Jesse on the phone.

In the video, Krystal, Jesse and Alexis finally embrace after Jesse made a full recovery and all three of them tested negative for the disease which continues to infect hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.

Krystal, a beautician, said: “It was the longest we had ever spent away from each other since she was born so it was hard not knowing how she was or being able to be with her all day because of her health complications.

“When the coronavirus started getting worse my doctor said that Alexis must be protected at all costs because they did not know whether she would be able to recover from it.

“My husband is a key-worker so he had to continue working and somewhere along the line he got sick and tested positive for the disease so we knew we couldn’t have Alexis at the house.

“Luckily her grandparents were able to take her in while Jesse got better but it was terrifying knowing that until she left, she could get it just from walking around our house.

“I know it wasn’t a very long time but when it’s your own child and you know she is at risk but you’re unable to be there yourself to make sure she’s protected the days take forever.

“Jesse handled the virus really well and got better so we knew we could go and see her and the moment we were finally back with her was really emotional.

“She would get really upset on Facetime not being able to be with us which made it all the more heartbreaking, we’re just thankful Jesse is ok and we’re all back together again.”

Alexis had to be separated for two weeks after Jesse, her dad, contracted Covid-19 while continuing to work and leave the house after lockdown was put into place.

Krystal said: “Jesse just woke up one day not feeling unwell, his nose was burning, he had headaches and felt really weak.

“It effected him in a weird way, one minute he would feel fine and the next he would be in bed and this carried on for a week.”

Krystal asked Jesse’s parents to look after her for the 14 days while her and Jesse quarantined to get rid of any trace of illness from their house before having Alexis back, which could have been life-threatening for Alexis if she had caught it.

Krystal said: “It was an easy decision to make but that didn’t make it an easy time, we missed her every day and I was worried all the time about who, how and where she may come into contact with someone else who was carrying the illness.”

They reunited last week [May 22] and decided to film the emotional reunion, where both Krystal and Jesse can be seen tearing up and hugging their daughter now knowing she would be home for good and everyone had tested negative for the virus.

Krystal said: “It was such a great moment, all the long nights of wondering if she was ok were quickly forgotten and I’m so thankful that her grandparents were able to look after her, without them we don’t know what we would have done.”